Plate Making & Image Prep

Plate making in flexography uses relief plates unique to each label.

    However, prior to this is a rigorous set of procedures used to manipulate and generate images based on color processes. Plate making utilizes a solid or liquid photopolymer that is exposed to light through a negative. Afterward, the desired areas left unexposed are then washed away with solvent or water to produce the plate relief and floor height creating the plate thickness as seen below.

    Infographic 2.png

    Image Preparation

    Image preparation begins with electronically produced art supplied by the customer or two free hours of time from our professional art department. Images are captured for printing by a camera, scanner, or computer. When art is scanned or digitally captured, the computer with special software assembles the image. A simple proof is prepared to check for position and accuracy. When color is involved, a digital color proof is submitted to the customer for approval. Upon approval, our professional art department then prepares the image for plating on our NX System.

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    Plate Making & Image Prep