Images of labels being printed at Blair Labeling in Denver.

How We Reduce Environmental Impact

Labels are a constant in the business world. Economic growth across the globe has likewise propelled the growth of label printing companies. Sadly, many labeling companies are too profit-centered to keep an eye on their carbon footprints.

As a labeling company, Blair Labeling is at the forefront of establishing practices that produce great products without harming the planet. We find more ways than one to make sure that our people, from top to bottom, adopt an environmentally conscious culture. Continue reading below to learn how we do this.

Why Is Blair Labeling Going Green?

The growing call for conservation-centric business models has pushed many businesses to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints. To heed this call, Blair Labeling is constantly finding ways to minimize our wastes and contribute to this global effort. We believe that conserving the environment can save our species and planet. Going green is not always choosing between saving the environment and earning a profit. By adopting an environmentally friendly approach in our business, we believe that we can protect the future of our loved ones and future generations, making it a win-win situation between us, the planet, and our clients.

We Practice Waste Minimization

One of the biggest wastes made in making commercial labels and professional labels is paper waste. Most of the time, print designs are not perfectly shaped to ensure that 100% of materials are used. This issue can arise in flexography printing. To counteract this issue, Blair Printing implements an environmentally conscious culture to motivate our people to minimize waste in every step of our processes.

We Use Water-Based Inks

Water-based inks are not only safer for the environment but give better results for tamper-evident labels, specialty labels, and industrial labels. They are also easier to clean, unlike solvent-based inks that require additional VOC-carrying solvents for cleaning. This type of ink also has less toxic ingredients than solvent-based ink. This means that any spillages will not significantly affect ground quality.

We Implement A Flexcel NX System

Blair Labeling uses product label printers that utilize the Flexcel NX System. KODAK designed the system to reduce the plates needed for label printing. It also reduces the amount of substrate waste generated by the printing press. Besides its environmental benefits, this system also speeds up the whole printing process from start to end.

As a custom label manufacturer, Blair Labeling has made a name for our top-of-the-line specialty labels and commercial labels. However, there is one more thing that Blair Labeling is known for, and that is our environment-centered culture. Contact us to learn more about our products.