Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Blair Labeling, Inc. we realize that our world needs to be looked after. We have taken steps in order to reducing our carbon footprint. At Blair Labeling, Inc. our mentality is that we can truly make a difference. Even though we face challenges in the flexo industry, we are doing our best to eliminate elements that may in-turn harm our environment. Below are some ways we are ushering in our “green” movement.


In flexography, there is a constant battle to ensure that prices as well as waste are kept low. At Blair Labeling we have a professional staff that creates an environment conscious culture. Day in and day out we are constantly trying to reduce the waste that we have from our papers and setup.


At Blair Labeling, we use a variety of water-based inks. There are two benefits from this. The first being we are not required to have pollution control for our waste and inks due to the nature of the inks that we are using against the substrates. The second is that our inks are more environmentally friendly than Solvent Based inks. We are always trying to find a way to keep the quality of our products while reducing our carbon footprint.


The Flexcel NX System is designed to produce plates that reduce the amount of substrate waste generated on press, and reduces the total number of plates used in production. Flexcel NX Plates deliver faster make-ready times, fewer cleaning stoppages and fewer plate changes. Customers that print with Flexcel NX Plates report on average a 20% reduction in substrate waste and an overall decrease in the number of plates required due to longer run lengths and the ability to use fewer special colors, making a significant contribution to their overall sustainability goals. For more information on our Flexcel NX System please click here.